Shaman Mireli

Shaman Mireli

Shaman Mireli

Get to know the antique religion!

I know that I know nothing.

Every day that I study I realize I haven’t learned anything.

What little wisdom I know has contained the magic itself.
With the permission of the witches and magic, I want to help you.
I want to teach you to find the magic within yourself.

I come from an indigenous Mexican people and a tradition of magicians who passed their knowledge orally from one generation to the next. My ancestors and I work with the Divine Mother (Mama Pácha), the triple moon goddess and many other beings from the spirit world. The deceased also support me in my work.
In some special cases and challenges, the forms and possibilities are explored and created together with the spiritual world, so that the individual can be helped even in the most complicated situations or constellations.

Special work with the area of ​​the dead can be implemented by arrangement.

In case of problems and conflicts I analyze the causes and messages to find a solution.

My goal is to always work with the best method and to learn from every case or problem. Before I increase and direct the energy for magical rituals, I analyze and record your personal concern and whether it fits into the big picture.
In my healing work, I analyze the underlying causes of the spiritual illness rather than just focusing on alleviating the symptoms. Each case requires a corresponding analysis and compilation of different steps or support packages. This can be a simple review or analysis for an important future decision, a clearing of past energies, or a strategy to increase your resonance for happiness.

Which costs arise?

Initially, an on-site or online appointment should be scheduled. This meeting takes about 60 minutes and costs € 130,- incl. VAT. The further procedure results from this first appointment. Depending on the question, problem and personal situation, individual measures are suggested or agreed, which of course vary depending on the case.

Excerpt from my offer:

More Services:

More Services:

  • Rituals for fame or economic success
  • Energy cleaning of buildings
  • Support for weight loss
  • Elimination of depression
  • Dissolution of blockages, obstructions and stoppages
  • Opening new paths in family and career
  • Inducing fertility
  • Protection against pregnancy
  • Reading of candles, mirrors, cards, crystal vases, coffee, cigarettes, body marks
  • Protection from magical energies
  • Creating balance and fairness (family, processes, contracts)
  • Spiritual healing of various problems
  • Spiritual coaching in difficult life situations (family, job, health)
  • Cleansing of unwanted love
  • Protection for persons of living or dead mascots (cats, dogs)
  • Beauty rituals
  • Protection rituals and retribution for infidelities
  • Departure of resentful people from the personal environment
  • Help to offer marriage to you
  • Eliminate the disadvantages from black magic love spell
  • Harmonization of family affairs
  • Harmonization of conflicts at work or within the team
  • Optimization of the competitive position for companies
  • Retribution & compensation for fraud
  • Connection with a person’s angel
    many more

This list is not exhaustive. I draw on a repertoire of more than 150 skills and methods. The associated rituals are very, very old and have sometimes been published by word of mouth for thousands of years.

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