How To Find True Love

Do you know the story of the red thread?

This story has been known since ancient times. There is a legend of a beautiful and handsome young king who wanted to marry a beautiful maiden of the kingdom. He wanted to let his heart decide, and he did not care what social standing the chosen one came from. One day the king learned that there was a witch in a village who could see the red thread of fate. The king then ordered the witch to be brought to him.
When she arrived before the king, she agreed to tell him where his red thread ended. The witch led him to a small stall in the village market and pointed out a woman with a baby in her arms. When the king saw this, he thought the witch was mocking him and angrily pushed the woman who was carrying her baby in her arms, causing her to fall down. The baby, a girl, had a large wound on her forehead afterwards, which left a very special scar. The witch, for her role in this, had her head cut off. What he did not expect, however, was something that would happen many years later when the time came for the king and the girl to marry.

When the time came, a girl was finally recommended to the king by his court that he should marry. However, he had never seen the girl before. The day of the wedding came and the king finally saw his future wife when the music heralded the bride’s arrival. The king walked down the aisle and removed the white veil that covered her face. As he did so, he noticed a special little spot on the girl’s forehead and, intrigued, he asked her about it.  The girl answered that this mark had appeared when she was a baby and someone had pushed her mother angrily, causing her to fall into the angry person’s arms along with her.

This story and similar legends show us that regardless of place, origin, traditions and customs, there is always one person at the end of the red thread – their one true love. Two people are connected in a magical, invisible way.

There are ancient methods that witches use in the form of rituals and purifications for this purpose.

The problem is usually that people suffer for years from toxic relationships or from past bad decisions, so that they cannot find the love they long for. Searchers can be provided with excellent guidance in this regard, as many vivid examples show. For example, my connection with my husband is also founded on this red thread. He is from Germany and I am from Mexico. We each lived our “searching” lives until we were miraculously brought together in 2016.

One of the main causes of suffering is love, the magical and strange feeling that lifts the power of hearts to the heights of happiness or plunges them into hellish torment. Gleichzeitig öffnet sie die Tür zur Kraft des Lebens. The passion associated with the feeling of being loved also brings jealousy, betrayal, rivals, lies, deceit, manipulation, disappointment, sadness, but it also allows us to attain prosperity, wealth, abundance, well-being, joy and happiness.

This is where the love spell comes into play. Since ancient times, both polarities have been produced and used. Strange forces and influences are at work. Thus one feels attraction and repulsion, magnification and diminution, forgetting and coercing. The strategy for love is to keep the flame of love alive. It is something that needs to be constantly nurtured and kept in the forefront of your mind.

What is being achieved through the Love Magic?

You can create the magic to find the person you are connected to through the red thread. With this assistance, the other partner will be attracted. It becomes easier and quicker to find and unleash true love.


You can create a spell of attraction for someone, but true love cannot be conjured or acquired. No magic can bring about true love.

It is impossible to create this love for someone who is not born for it. If you want that, you will magically have that person, but you will never have their true love. When the spell is detected, everything will become a torment, both for the one who was influenced and for the one who initiated the spell. This can end in death.

Finding that love through the magic of the mirror – how does this work?

This can be done with the help of the enchanted black mirror of a magician. It will be bilocation, either seeing yourself on the surface of what the future will be like, or images of other people appearing there. The images can be analyzed by the witch, and are often dependent on lunar phases.

These are methods that should be used only by magicians who know high magic and have mastered the mirror universe. The mirror and magic can be used for various purposes, for example, to find a way or solution, especially for the longed-for love. In doing so, the knowledge is to be used neither for nor against others.

Mirrors are in fact windows to different dimensions of space and time, through which one can find pathways or trajectories to act on what is there by materializing one’s thoughts.

Always remember that nothing is permanent…

When you find love, you must take care of it, because if you do not, it will wither like a plant. If you do not water it, it dies. If you do not fertilize it, it withers or is attacked by pests.

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