Shamanism, cleansing and excursion to energy

Shamanism is the first healing system, used by mankind since prehistoric times. Its origins are estimated to be around 350,000 years ago among hunter-gatherers in Africa. The word shaman means “the omniscient” in the local language.

The work of shamans can be done in many ways: through plants, through music, dance and words, or through the simultaneous use of these and other complex methods. It is distinguished from so-called rational objective psychotherapy, which includes most psychological and behavioral therapies, as well as those conducted from a biological and biomedical perspective. A shaman performs rituals, heals and restores balance through various healing techniques. Shamans believe that the problems a person suffers from are related to a spiritual imbalance. Shamanism is also a method of healing the body and soul through traditional medicine and the knowledge of our ancestors.

Shamans have the ability to contact the spirit world and establish a special relationship with it.

They have various methods of prophecy, dream interpretation, astral projection and traveling to the higher and lower worlds.

Some of their main functions are emotional support, clairvoyance or healing the body through rituals and energy techniques to restore spiritual harmony.

One of their abilities is to detect destructive energies, such as cursed objects (either from a deceased relative or second hand), so-called “cursed houses,” but most importantly, they can detect the cursed energies that every person carries within them. Many people feel some kind of mental, physical or spiritual block that does not allow them to move forward in their daily lives, and most of the time it is not their fault.

There are many factors in the search for a reason for the negative situations that we encounter day after day, such as objects or second-hand items: you never know what person owned this object before and what their character was like. If the owner had a lot of negative emotions and thoughts, these energies may have accumulated in an object. When the object then changes hands, all the emotions and energies accumulated there are passed on with it to the next owner.

Another hypothetical situation can be the so-called “evil eye”: an envious, begrudging or bad-tempered visitor can leave bad energies in your home. There are people who cannot observe another person’s happiness without criticizing them or offering an opinion about their “luck or work and struggles.” Where do you think these people may be found? Actually, it’s easier than you think: co-workers, close friends, and sometimes relatives. Most of them are selfish people who only see the bad in others.

For this and many other reasons, energetic cleansing is recommended.

There are many ways to do this, for example:

  • Prayers (to Mother Pacha or to the spirits of nature);
  • Baths for opening (new) paths or
  • Offerings to the gods.

Everything depends on the problem to be addressed, but above all on the diagnosis of the shaman.

The shaman searches for the problem in depth. Different methods are used – for example, clairvoyance or talking to the spirits and gathering information for suitable solutions. So what is applied depends on the shaman, their wisdom, their capabilities and the respective practices as well as customs. Typically, these have been inherited from their ancestors.

Another ability of the shaman is the control and recovery of luck. It is important to have a balanced state of happiness, because without it, your life will be filled with unhappiness. One of the great mysteries has always been the acquisition and use of happiness, how it is created and in what way we can obtain it.

A shaman has the necessary knowledge to create luck, to extract it and, above all, to use it as he pleases – of course, always in the form of and according to the laws of the universe. They alone can never be the balance of the universal equilibrium. Everything lies in asking and in giving.

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