Purification of the soul & attraction of happiness

I also offer rituals to purify the soul.

The purpose of these rituals is to regain the happiness that has been lost due to past events.

All people experience a wide variety of things during their lives. We experience circumstances that lead us to make mistakes. In the process, happiness often gets away from us, and talking about happiness becomes a touchy subject. It only takes a brief moment to lose it. To regain it, it is sometimes necessary to seek help and undergo a catharsis of the last five years of one’ s life.

Ask yourself: am I making progress, am I moving forward or not? Many people notice that their paths seem to be closed off. How do I succeed in being happy (again)?

Is the loss of my happiness related to past experiences?

That is why we have to look at what has happened in the past. Bad energies are influenced by many factors. Other people’s actions can also bring misfortune into our lives.

We call this a magical inventory or magical balance. In the context of the above, we must ask ourselves what elements or experiences you may have had that interfered with your advancement or success. How can one determine this? We do things guided by feelings without knowing that the actions we commit will lead us to unhappiness.

When we maintain the memory of a past love affair or relationship we had, a breakup results in a projection of energy, pain and suffering. The energy associated with a memory, a feeling, or an object, whether it is a photograph, a piece of clothing, or a piece of furniture, remains even if the person now carries on their life with another person. As long as one does not free oneself from this energy, one will continue to accumulate unhappiness in one’s soul and along one’s path.

A good friend died in an accident. They are buried in the cemetery. A friend close to them takes a flower or a handful of soil from the grave for remembrance. They allow themselves to be guided by pain, sentimentality and their feelings. What happens from this moment onward? They are attracted to the bad influences of misfortune and their bodies react sentimentally to them. Negative energy fields are increasingly built up, they accumulate and become as effective as a magnet. They become increasingly connected with misfortune and bad luck.

This is what we call magical inventory or magical balance.

What are the elements or the experiences you have had that have torn your life apart?

It is not recommended, for example, to keep a teddy bear, the tie of a deceased husband or photos of the person who was in our lives. When that person leaves your life, it is time for you to get rid of everything so that nothing reminds you of them. Only then can you move forward again and not be hampered by delays in your life.

Beyond the well-known breach of trust in daily life, there is a new manifestation of unfaithfulness with the development of the Internet and its modern means of communication. Generally, an unfaithful person thinks that there will be no consequences, but this is not so.

Happiness eludes you, if you don’t behave with integrity.

Happiness eludes unfaithful people because they do not behave properly towards the other person in the relationship. They violate unwritten laws of nature and increasingly attract the opposite of happiness. We human beings are part of nature, and in the case of unfaithfulness, we do not act in accordance with nature. Accordingly, we experience difficult and stressful situations.

There is an exception when you form an equal energetic contract with your life partner and interact with couples who are also like-minded. In that case, it is not unfaithfulness, but they attract everything negative (usually unknowingly) to the person they are in contact with. It builds up for the people involved and transfers from one person to another like a string of pearls. Incidentally, all kinds of prostitution are also affected.

Let’s get back to the Internet. The “energetic infidelity” already starts when you are lying in bed with your partner and they are already asleep, but you are using your cell phone to secretly send messages to another person that your partner is not supposed to know about. Your subconscious mind immediately knows that you are not doing the right thing. There is a flow of energy that can end/destroy that which exists. Should you think, I’m not doing anything bad now if I write a little bit with another person via Whats-App, energies nevertheless accumulate that are charged by your emotions. These energies reinforce the intention to make contact with another person. The infidelity has begun and deep inside you know it is so, even if in your mind you do not see it that way.

Remember that the moment you lose your happiness, you lose everything.

Without happiness you will not get ahead in life – not in business, not in love, not in health.  Happiness is a very delicate subject. It is one of the most important things in a person’s life.

During this process, you will recognize what has broken your soul and also learn how to cleanse your soul. This also requires creating a magical inventory with you and restoring your magical balance. Here is how you can reclaim your happiness. It is not easy, it requires a catharsis of your past to be able to shape your present. Therefore, it is necessary to seek the help of a professional. Seek the help of people who know how to shift these energies.

There are purification methods for this, e.g. ritual herbs and many other methods that shamans or magicians use. You have the knowledge to find another way. It requires, among other things, the invocation ofthe goddesses of fate (the Moiren KlothoLachesis and Atropos), who intertwine our destinies so that you can regain your happiness.

For example, if there is a memory of past relationships, accidents, illnesses or bankruptcies, you cannot let go of the past and the bad energies accumulate. These are called mental entities or mental larvae that prevent us from progressing and thriving in life.

What are the elements or the experiences that have disrupted our lives? There are questions to be asked, where did I go wrong, what was the act, what was the deed, what was the event?

I will be happy to support you in guiding you through this delicate process and freeing you from your old burdens.

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