Mireli Vargas Fernandez

I am a magician.

Conscious change of consciousness – magic – is part of my spirituality. For every problem there is at least one viable solution, but you can also see it as an opportunity to grow. We create our own reality with our thoughts, feelings and actions. And everything we send out always comes back to us.

I try to stick to the old religion, “As long as you don’t hurt anyone, you can do whatever you want.”

Another credo is

  • In case of problems and conflicts I analyze the causes and messages to find a solution.
  • My goal is to always work with the best method and learn from each case or problem.
  • Before I increase and direct the energy for magical rituals, I analyze and record your personal concern and whether it fits into the big picture.
  • In my healing work, I try to address the underlying causes of spiritual illness rather than just focusing on alleviating symptoms.

I am a magician and a master.

I work with the magic of the moon to help and heal others, myself and the planet. The triple moon goddess guides me. I can activate initiations in the Red Crescent, create manifestations, and remove distant obstacles clearly and completely with the Red and Black Crescents.

I can participate in rituals at the new and full moon, and I know that my circles are part of a large network of circles that currently revolve around the earth.

I honor the divinity that is within me in the oaks of the forest, the grass of the garden, and the song of the wild birds in the trees on Stone Mountain.

The prerequisite for my spiritual practices is self-acceptance and understanding.

I share my views with others when I feel I am right. I do not proselytize by affirming my way as the only true way. There are many ways to climb the mountain of spiritual understanding.

I travel to the other world in my dreams, meditations and rituals.

I use sacred tools to support me in my journeys and magic. These include crystals, candles, incense, water vessels, salt, earthen plates, cauldrons, pentacles, bells, brooms, rattles, drums, staffs, swords, mirrors, and a variety of divination devices. It is about exploring other dimensions, and then I return with ideas about knowledge and power. I walk between worlds to heal, grow and transform. Intuition, extrasensory perception is a natural, non-supernatural part of my daily life.

I myself have been in harmony with the four natural elements earth, air, fire, water and the fifth element, spirit, since my birth. The spirit is the vital force that connects all the elements.

I see these elements in nature, the earth and stones in the soil, the air in the atmosphere and winds, fire as lightning, fire and electricity, water in the springs, rivers, oceans and other bodies of water on the planet, and spirit as the divine entity. I also see these elements as aspects of myself, my physical body and physiology are my earth element, my intellect and thoughts are the air element, my desires and actions are the fire element, my emotions and feelings are my water element; I and my inner self or soul are the spiritual element.

I strive to keep all of these areas healthy and in balance as I work to restore the balance of the elements in the environment.

Nature spirituality is my religion and the base of my life.

Nature is my spiritual teacher and my holy book. I am a part of nature and nature is a part of me. My understanding of the inner mysteries of nature grows as I walk this spiritual path.

The earth, the divine mother who creates all beings and all things, whose influence watches and sleeps, she watches over nature. The mother who nurtures and protects life with a supportive embrace.

I love the Mother who receives the human body when the spirit leaves it, who is rightly called the Great Mother. The Mother Goddess is the source of power for the gods and mortals, indispensable for everything that is born or dies.