What is magic?

What is magic – Is there really such a thing as good or evil?

Religions benefit from the effort to eliminate what they consider evil. They want to assert what they consider to be good or divine. The inner conflict between angel and demon.

The vast majority of people are convinced, or have been made to believe, that magic in its dark state is evil (as it has been popularized over the centuries by being called demonic) and has greater power than “white” magic.

It is true that it possesses a greater power, but it is not to be assessed as negative or evil in its expression, but is a creative power with a transforming character.

What is considered “good” and “evil”?

All that produces stability, security, etc., is called good. In reality, however, what is considered “good” is what allows us to indulge in our enjoyments and pleasures without having to exert ourselves too much to achieve a goal.

On the other hand, the “bad” appears in every moment of difficulty: Denial, destruction and pessimism are always present when obstacles and problems arise.

Man is his own most powerful enemy: his own limitation and his own thoughts, which are based in denial. 

To a witch, there is no right or wrong.

A good magician is not a being who breaks down, on the contrary, she is a leader of life. This is the basis for magic. The power of magic is born within this element. Every practitioner of magic must carefully consider every possible situation into which they enter. Because depending on the situation, their magical activity depends on it.

Now, the concept of good implicitly attracts evil. One person’s gain may mean another person’s loss. When the balance tips in favor of one, it simultaneously tips to the disadvantage of the other.

Finding the balance is the work of the magician.

Thus, when speaking of good or evil, it is important to note that the concept of harmony recognizes neither one nor the other, but seeks complementarity or balance between the two extremes of the scale.

If we analyze good and evil according to the rules of magic, we find that good and evil do not exist as such, because they are the constant rhythm of the balance of life. There are different manifestations – a cause that cannot be changed, an action that is caused, a moment of error that creates an entire chaos of situations that have positive and negative consequences.

In summary, every situation leads to progress and improvement. Any difficult situation can be initially interpreted as “evil,” but with the right approach, this aspect can be addressed in many ways. Whether a situation is good or evil is a matter of perspective. Good or evil is ultimately the wise use of strategy.

Nothing happens by chance.

Nothing happens by chance, nothing happens without an extraordinary connection, everything follows a cause, which in most cases may be unknown. There are no good or bad courses of action, only alternatives. No one is immune from getting into certain situations that may be caused by others or by unknown laws that somehow govern our lives.

In order to harmonize a given situation, the magician must be able to turn to appropriate existing entities (deities, the dead, spirits of nature, occult spirits, goblins, etc.) to resolve issues that arise. Generally speaking, “evil” is treated with evil and “good” with good.

By acting, the magician enters the boundaries of the extraordinary, the dark world of magic, the world that generates more power.

With this in mind, the only thing left to do is to decide wisely, without looking back, and always be sure of your decision. What do you want and are you prepared for the consequences?