The Love Ritual unites the infinite spirit of Father God and Mother Goddess with the body.

The desire for fertility awakens on the skin. Love and sensuality give way to attraction. The love ritual fertilizes the earth with the power of emotions. It is an ancient magical ritual. They discover sex without fear and without limits, in total surrender and emulation of nature. The earth is refreshed with new desire.

The ritual is used in the spring before the summer. The Hindu culture in Trans-Tantrism Sacred Sexuality attaches great importance to this event, on which the Kundalini of life is awakened and developed to gain the power and energy with which Goddess “Mother Nature” reawakens life.

It is a good time to perform this great ritual. It will help you unite with your partner and find your sexuality in the most hidden part of your being. For three days, small stakes are driven near the trees as a phallic representation of fertilization. According to this ancient ritual handed down, for each year lived, a stake is hammered near a tree, which is done by the women, and the men have to dig holes for as many years as they have lived.

The phallic symbols correspond to the female and male sexual organs. During these days it is good to make hot chocolate and read what appears at the bottom of the cup on the night of April 30. Remember that the power of chocolate also lies in the phallic representation of the saucepan and the grinder.

On the night of love and sexuality, those who wish can try this ancient ritual.

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