Ritual deliverance from sexual contamination and retribution

I also perform rituals for purification from sexual contamination.

Such contamination is caused by people with a lack of love and a desire for revenge.

A vast majority of people suffer from negative influences or sorcery. They have experienced or are experiencing sexual impairment. The manifestations can be jealousy, envy, revenge, vice and fear of losing a partner or the desire to separate a couple as well as any other interests (e.g. money). Thus, there are various factors that lead to the implementation of “works” of witchcraft. They aim to separate, unite or (re) “capture” couples. Most often, the corresponding actions are carried out by the previous partner or relatives.

It is often the men who are most influenced by this and do the least to protect themselves. This is ignorance.

In the sexual domain, for example, false promises, illusions, or gifts lead to the performance or offering of sex. After sexual acts, when people feel mocked or exploited, disappointment or internal injuries, conflicts and difficulties arise. Revenge for certain (sex) acts is brought forth.

One form of these false promises is that some women have ulterior motives and induce men (or women) to engage in sexual acts. They impose themselves on others and want to be considered attractive. They resort to incantations without regard to the circumstances, the point is to “have them” no matter what, and to use them for their own interests.

All this opens the door to the game of magic to attract someone, to possess and to limit, to avenge and to reward, and for this extreme measures and methods are resorted to. Every relationship moves in these extremes, where the law of reverse effect plays an important role: Closeness and distance, indifference and interest, covert prostitution, blackmail, lies and manipulation.

Love, however, is delicate, fragile and it gives way to “obsession”. Then it becomes a habit. That is, over time, love transforms and changes. In this case, we turn to magic to see what will happen.

Not all difficult situations couples go through are due to magical influences.

Before we look at some magical influences on love, it is important to clarify that not all difficult situations couples go through are due to magical influences, but rather to wear and tear on love to the point of resentment between the partners. Such couples are influenced by everyday life at home and, for example, do not take the time on weekends to keep the flame of love alive, and the relationship cools down.

It often happens that a partner grows tired. Disappointment and heartbreak can surface from one second to the next. One night everything is still good, but the next day the feelings are dead.

These events, if not understood, suggest some sort of magical influence. Likewise, enchantment can pass in an instant: a message, a look, a squeeze as a greeting, a smile and the enchantment has created a bridge and all the other feelings, no matter how strong they were, have been erased in that moment.

The changes come…that initial indifference, the distancing, small and noticeable signs indicate that something has changed. Then the world of magic opens up as an option – to either reconnect and find out what happened or to get revenge. One hopes for magic to solve all the events that change the relationship.

However, one must respond to what is happening, try to talk to one another and ask questions, allow a time of reflection. So it is wise to wait before opening a magic door that becomes or can become very destructive.

Triangular relationships or a multitude of partners generally create an energy contamination. They cause real suffering and deep regret in the future.

The following sections are for informational purposes and are not an endorsement of any type of disruption or deception.

It is up to each person to consciously evaluate the various events that shape his or her life. If some of these comments relate to situations in which you live, you should think carefully before acting and having a magical action performed. That is, in this case, to impose or eliminate some evil so that it can be used in a way that can be relied upon.

What signals indicate that one is being magically manipulated?

There are signals that indicate that something is happening. When the couple is in harmony, it often happens that a sign appears to the couple in a dream. Depending on the dream, it may be a premonition, a warning of an upcoming event. It is recommended that you pay attention to the subtle signs, evaluate the dream and see if there is any estrangement afterwards. It is important to analyze the entire contents of the dream.

If the relationship is over and outside of dreams you perceive aromas, fragrances, have sensations on your skin as if insects were walking on it, smell like tobacco, perceive sweet smells or visions, you probably experience a so-called sweetening (magic) against your will. That is, a love spell is cast against you.

If in your dream you feel that you are having sex with your ex-partner as if it were reality, but you feel discomfort or anger, you are experiencing an unwanted love connection.

When you are startled by dreams with your ex-partner, some kind of energy is being forced upon you.

If you experience sexual impotence in your dreams, you should check with whom you had a relationship and under what conditions it ended. Your family may also suffer from these influences.

On some occasions, the spurned may resort to powerful magic such as voodoo.

A piece of clothing is used to replicate the person being tormented. This involves constructing the shape of a puppet and then performing various actions. These actions are received by the person to be hexed. The only antidote to this type of ritual is another voodoo ritual performed by a witch, sorcerer or shaman who knows this Lukumí magic.


  • Deep throbbing in various parts of the body,
  • undue weight loss,
  • nightmares or visions in dreams where the mind leaves the body are recognized as such because it is not a normal dream AND because it is remembered as a real experience,
  • states of despair and mood swings,
  • repetitive, tormenting dreams,
  • hair loss,
  • psychological changes without medical causes,
  • paranormal phenomena that occur within the room, leaves and objects that move by themselves,
  • voices and strange chanting
  • If you wake up loathing or hating your partner, someone is acting against you.
  • If you are attracted to another person in a dream, someone wants to destroy your relationship.
  • If in a dream you see your partner with another person and feel jealous, wake up immediately, because someone is breaking the bonds of love.
  • If you see shadows chasing you and your partner in your dream, third parties are closing in on your relationship.

Dreams are representations of other realities in other dimensions. Love is another dimension, therefore in dreams lives are changed, bonds are created or destroyed.

For all unexplainable phenomena, you should seek magical help.

Domination that leads to despair based on shackles, bonds, or immobilization can only be removed by a witch or mage, or a shaman versed in these arts.


It is important to clarify that some diseases can cause symptoms similar to a voodoo ritual. Therefore, one should first consult a doctor and look for a physical cause. As a last resort, magic is recommended. Do not accept a voodoo ritual from anyone or under any circumstances without first ruling out illness. This is your responsibility.

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