I would like to give all interested people some hints on how to prepare well for the New Year. Christmas is anchored in an ancient tradition that helps to face the possible difficulties of the new year more easily.

Under the Christmas tree are placed three coins associated with a wish. Also, seven coins are placed in a used sock. In the following year, the number 7 is magical and dominant. The new year is a year of many positive and also negative changes. It is under the sign of the warlike snake and is a symbol of wisdom, fire, power and protection. The festival is celebrated in silent magic. Things can turn in your favor on 12/31 from 12:00 at night.

  1. Ideally, a container with coins and banknotes of the local currency should be placed on the table. After three days, the money can be spent as you wish.
  2. It is advisable to put green candles, if possible, golden candles with glitter.
  3. It is recommended that women wear bright and eye-catching clothes. Women who are single and do not have a boyfriend or husband can place their earrings in the shape of a circle on the festive table.
  4. On 12/31, it is not advisable to use a lot of perfume, as the warrior snake does not like strong fragrances.
  5. Too much light in the dining room at the festive table should be avoided, only the light of the Christmas tree and candles should be chosen.
  6. Married couples who want to improve their relationship, take some dog hair and put it in a small bag. This little bag you put in their clothes or bra all year round. This action promotes loyalty and fidelity.
  7. The new year should not be welcomed with slippers. Women should wear high festive shoes and men should wear normal shoes.
  8. On the feast day table one should put a flower pot or even a small tree and if possible some stones from a mountain. This means protection from the spirits of nature and strength for the decisions you will make wisely.
  9. Those who have to deal with poor health in 2022 should put on the holiday table a glass bottle with a lid and water for daily drinking. This bottle will be drunk until it is empty. As a result, diseases will improve in 2023.
  10. Single men should wear their belt now, which means stability and protection. It is recommended to use a brown color for the symbol of opening ways. It is a representation of fate threads of the goddesses of destiny. These goddesses will guide you to your destiny.
  11. For a new year in abundance is to bake cake baked by hand. It should be like a birthday cake. In this way, a positive year can come without misfortune.
  12. Married men who want to improve their situation as a couple to live in peace and tranquility can place a green, gold or silver napkin under the main course of their meal. If women want to do this for their husbands, this is also permissible.
  13. People who want to implement plans for the future at work, a change of job or an improvement of all business procedures is to put a very nice big plate with 23 oranges on the table. If there are no oranges in the house, it can be tangerines. The important thing in both cases is that there are 23 fruits.
  14. Lonely people can open a bottle of red wine and drink a glass. The rest of the bottle is given to a small altar. On this altar, if necessary, there is a snake skin for professional magicians or the image/photo of a snake. It means that the spirit of the snake will open the doors for you for wisdom and protection in 2023. If you ask for help, it will be answered. It is the year of warring serpent magic, high magic. This magic allows magicians to open up new abilities. For “normal” people, it will make it possible to have a protective function if you ask for it.
  15. On December 31, the house is not cleaned, but a day before or after.
  16. All women who want to be attractive, seductive and beautiful are advised to use glitter on the body.
  17. Those who want to change the apartment/house should put €10 or two weeks, depending on the country they live in, in the door of the apartment and then spend the money normally.
  18. If an animal shows up on the street on December 31, feed it. If you have animals at home, try to buy something special that can be eaten by the animals. Furthermore, it is advisable to buy food for street animals or give a donation to an animal shelter. This action of the animal gods will protect us next year, because there will be many changes.
  19. Should you want to protect your children, nephews, cousins or other family members, collect rainwater throughout the month of December so that you can give them a few drops on their heads on December 31, no matter how old your children or family members are.
  20. For people who suffer from envy before December 31, find a feather of any bird on the street. This feather will be kept and during the celebrations on December 31, the following will be said:
    “Bird fly, the warlike snake protect – paid is for my gift!”.