In the same way, the human brain represents a series of wave frequencies, and this is the point where we start talking about “psychic energy”. It should be remembered that psychic energy is generated by the entire neural system, and this in turn is generated by biochemical impulses of energy produced by one neuron in contact with another.

We have about eighty-six billion neurons interacting in the nervous system. Accordingly, the entire brain generates a series of frequencies in different wave series.

Psychic energy is a product of thinking and the dynamic function of the brain. We radiate these energies as we absorb them, with the frequency changing through the environment in which we move.

The cycles and rhythms of the brain, respiratory system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, digestive system, respiratory tract, etc., all have a specific frequency controlled and modified by the brain frequencies (according to the electroencephalography used to measure this series of dynamic brain energies).

Thought is an energy form by which this vibration is changed and focused on a certain event. It appears in thought as a message, as a conception, as a memory, and is productive in solving a problem.

Mental energy or psychic energy condenses, begins to act and forms an energy field around the physical body and is known as the aura or “prespirit” – the bioenergy field.

The magnetic field formed by psychic energy is modified by the so-called circadian rhythm, which acts on the emotional state by inducing the two most powerful hormones produced by the brain, melatonin and serotonin.

During normal physiological sleep or in a resting phase, we produce a higher level of melatonin, and this slows down the neuronal frequency. In contrast, when we are awake, a higher amount of serotonin is released when we are very excited.

The influence of the circadian rhythm alters the neural vibration and generates different frequencies and different vibrations, as we have five specific brainwaves on which the limitlessness of thought is generated.

Delta waves: These are waves with a higher amplitude and lower frequency, which oscillate between one and four cycles per second. They occur in the deepest sleep states and are regarded as the waves in which the pineal gland reconstructs the spiritual memory or the so-called “archivos akáhicos” à library of the soul.

Alpha waves: A different frequency at which the brain is in a resting state. It has a frequency between eight and fourteen cycles per second, during which we are in a deep state of relaxation or trance without falling asleep.

Theta waves: These have a frequency of between three, five or eight cycles per second. This wave is generated as a mind-body control that restores the nerve processes after a state of change or a great effort. Theta waves alter the nervous and endocrine systems, which control the release of certain hormones, as a kind of sedative.

Beta waves: These vibrate at a frequency of between twelve and thirty-three cycles per second. The normal vibrational state in which the mind is awake increases the level of tension. This brain frequency represents creation and problem solving, inventiveness and ingenuity.

Gamma waves: These vibrate between twenty-five and one hundred cycles per second. Also, in research, a recently discovered high dynamic increase in consciousness suggests a cognitive evolution usually generated by new technological systems such as the development of advanced solutions and the demands of the mind on itself generate gamma waves that are still being studied.

We refer to psychic energy as that which produces a series of extraordinary phenomena in the emission and reception of the frequency of brain waves. This is where extrasensory perception, also called telepathy, is perceived and represented, which is basically the union of two spatially separated nervous systems.

The emission of compatible energy between a receiver and a transmitter produces three phenomena of extrasensory perception:

  1. Telepathy with the union of nervous systems,
  2. premonition with the perception of future events or the phenomenon of déjà vu and
  3. retrocognition with the ability to observe past events.

Psychic energy creates success or failure, health or illness, happiness or unhappiness, and directly affects life and all the elements we interact with in daily life.

With this spiritual energy animals, things and inanimate objects influence other people and all living beings. We also recognize this when you want to train your pet, whether it is a dog, a cat or any other animal: the animal does not respond to human language, but only to the language of energy according to the energy of the sender/trainer, which the animal recognizes: authority, leadership, security and dominance.

Energetic language is that which is able to modify energy, and not verbal language.  The same thing happens in humans. It is the energy of a person, the energy of a leader, that is influencing or even being imposed on others.

We can also recognize this quality in a thief, for example: Their aim, their feelings, and the way they look and act embody signals of vigilance and authority.

A weapon, even a weapon lying on the ground, generates energy. Both the attacker and the attacked communicate their emotional state of strength or weakness according to their energy. So this is about the control of energy that we transmit through the state of emotions, by being calm, in control or panicked.

So it is about energy, about controlling the energy that we transmit through the state of emotions, altering calm, control or panic.

Psychic energy generates all images, projects, desires and phenomena of the mind. The brain is constantly operating in a state of consciousness, which illustrates that the mind has two specific realms; the conscious state when we are in a waking state where we are aware of everything that is happening in the environment. We have concrete information that we perceive as reality. Consciousness either accepts or does not accept the information it receives, provided that it is not compatible with the primary information it has stored. It dismisses it as implausible. Consciousness analyzes, evaluates, quantifies and qualifies the information it receives. Likewise, the subconscious mind, which uses no language, no reason, no logic, and no philosophy, absorbs everything through images.

The subconscious mind is where the power of creative thinking and the great generative power of imagination begin.

The generative power that we all have at our disposal when we channel our thoughts is an asset to an individual project or goal that one wishes to achieve.

The mind is a difficult thing to define within the patterns of consciousness. The human brain is made up of two parts and has a similar structure in all people.

The brains of men and women are exactly the same, except for a small difference in the diameter of the cerebral lobes. The type of energy between brains will vary. This manifestation of personality determines the characteristics of the individual, predisposes them to certain activities and evokes certain processes. Although we have very similar brains, all brains vibrate in different cycles and the nature of their thought projections varies.