To speak of energy is to enter into the world of the whole, into creation and life. Energy is the force by which the entire universe was formed.

It is present in everything, it exists through various vibrations and frequencies Each frequency oscillates in varying degrees of scale and at the same time has a wave amplitude.

The concentration of the elements that make up matter are the different frequencies, amplitudes and wave cycles of energy in their limitless vibrations that make up the primary elements.

When we talk about energy, we must understand that absolutely everything in the universe (solar system, galaxies, stars, planets, asteroids and comets, meteorites, etc.) is energy.

Absolutely all beings, animate as well as inanimate, possess a different energy vibration, thus a completely different frequency, which vibrates in a completely different wave amplitude. Since everything is energy, the variation of frequencies leads to the elements that make up everything, including time and space.

When discussing this subject, it is very important to keep in mind that each of the vibrations of each element affects the vibration of another element, so there is a correspondence with the vibrations in the different frequencies in which the energy is found.

Magnetism, through attraction and repulsion, brings into existence a limited set of frequencies that maintain a boundary between one particular vibration and another, with each particular vibration creating a code between attraction and repulsion, or a constant balance, for something to exist in the world. For example, if we take a hydrogen atom (the first element in the periodic table), we cannot mix, transform, or fuse it. In others, we can assign them to different elements, but because there is a certain vibration pattern, the hydrogen atom will forever remain hydrogen. In this way the absolute essence of the whole is encoded in the limitlessness of attraction and repulsion.

When we use certain elements in different vibrations, without fusing them and changing their vibration, we get a chemical compound and change it without losing its essence, transforming it into something new, for example: When we combine hydrogen with oxygen, we get water. If we take hydrogen and split it, all it takes is a few small movements of atoms and ice is formed.